Recent exhibitions


Love, Religion, explosives, St. Margaret's Gallery, Norwich. 1999
La Galerie Le Cheval de Sable, Paris 2000
Blue Cat open studio 2000
Redspot gallery, Sidmouth, Devon 2000
The Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, London 2000
Coombes Contemporary, Towerbridge Piazza, London 2001
Brighton May Festival, Black Rock artists trail. 2001
The Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, (Meynell/Fenton prize) 2001
Blue Cat open studio 2002
The Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, London 2003
Brighton May Festival, Fiveways art trail. 2004
Brighton May Festival, Fiveways art trail. 2005
The Big Worthing open exhibition 2005
The Icon Gallery, Eton 2006
Brighton May Festival, Fiveways art trail. 2006
Brighton May Festival, Hove art trail. 2007
Brighton May Festival, Fiveways art trail. 2008
The Worthing Centenary open exhibition ‘Moving on’ Category prize 2008
The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London. Invited artist 2008
Worthing Museum and art Gallery Open Exhibition 2011
Worthing Open 13

I gained a degree in Fine Art from Nottingham, Trent University in 1989 and worked as a sculptor and teacher of art in Nottingham before moving to Brighton in 1996, where I have continued to teach and develop my work in ceramic sculpture.

My sculptures are built using ceramic construction techniques with a stoneware body. These are painted or coloured with oxides and sparingly applied glazes, used to enhance the form and texture of the sculpture. I construct both freestanding and wall hung pieces.

The images in my work are deliberately harsh in antithesis to traditional ceramic figurines. The themes originate from my observations of interaction and aggression between individuals, relationships in artificial and overcrowded environments, subculture and the fragmentation of society. The sculptures I create are microcosms, depicting the hope engendered by a sense of belonging, but also despair at its fragility and the inescapable nature of dysfunction brought from the wider society.

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